Road Hazard: The Full Proof Warranty (Exclusive for Eagle F1Tyres)

The Goodyear Road Hazards Warranty


  • Damage that is beyond repair caused by a puncture, cut, bruise or impact break during the course of normal driving on a maintained road, an example of which is a tire failure due to nails, broken glass or potholes.


  • End-users who are the original purchasers or authorized agent of original purchasers of new Goodyear Eagle F1 tires bearing the Goodyear manufacturing identification number. The plan is not transferable to anyone who might purchase the end-user's vehicle.
  • A Warranty Card is presented along with the damaged tire, a valid ID and a copy of vehicle registration.
  • TIres have been used only on the vehicle where they were originally mounted or indicated in the Warranty Card.


  • If the tire suffered Road Hazard Damage during the first 10% of its original tread depth (between 90% to 100% remaining of tread depth) and/or during 90 days from the date of purchase (which ever comes first), Goodyear will replace it with a comparable new tire without cost or give full credit towards the purchase of a new tire.
  • If the Road Hazard Damage occurred to the tire when its remaining tread is less than 90% but not less than 40% of its original tread depth, Goodyear will provide credit against the purchase of a new comparable Goodyear tire. The credit value will be based on the Goodyear Road Hazard Warranty Compensation Chart.
  • If tire submitted for warranty claim has remaining tread that is less than 40% of original tread depth, the tire will not be qualified for Road Hazard Warranty and only tires that are within 12 months old from the date of purchase are within the Road Hazard Warranty, based on date on invoice, indicated both in the registration form and warranty certificate.
  • The following tires are not covered under this warranty:

    • Tires used on wrong type of vehicles (misapplication)
    • Tires with uneven wear caused by mechanical problem of vehicle.
    • Tires used on vehicles for commercial purpose or public utility including but not limited to taxi and car rental services
  • Procedures and Mechanics of Claim:

    • In order to get a replacement tire or credit from this Road Hazard Warranty, the customer should submit the tire having a Road Hazard Damage to any Goodyear Servitek outlet and present the damaged tire, Warranty Card, customer’s Driver’s License or valid ID and copy of vehicle registration.
    • No claim will be recognized unless the damaged tire and all stated documents are presented.
    • Goodyear Autocare, Goodyear Servitek and Tire Pro personnel with a Certified Tire Adjuster inspects the tire if qualified as suffering from Road Hazard Damage, and measures tread depth remaining. Outlet personnel also places his/ her signature in the box provided for in the warranty card for each tire submitted for warranty. Customer will be credited the amount corresponding to the tread depth remaining, based on the Road Hazard Compensation Chart, provided the Limitations on Road Hazard Warranty are met. No cash refund will be entertained.
    • The values shown in the Road Hazard Compensation Chart are net amounts with VAT included. The amount can only be used as a discount for a purchase of a new Goodyear tire on the same size and design.
    • If damaged tire is repairable, Goodyear dealer will repair said tire for free, and tire will not be considered for credit towards a purchase of a new tire. A repairable damage means a puncture on the tread area of the tire caused by an object such as a nail, a screw or any sharp object, which in the Certified Tire Adjuster’s evaluation can be repaired without adversely affecting the performance of the tire. Goodyear will shoulder the cost of repair.
    • All tire related services in installing the new tire will be charged to the customer.
    • The damaged tire after the adjustment becomes the property of Goodyear Philippines while the Warranty Card is returned to the customer. The normal procedures in recording and handling of tire adjustment will be applied.
    • Tire damage analysis and assigned compensation amount determined by Goodyear remain final.
    • Goodyear Philippines, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, change or adjust the whole or partial contents of this Road Hazard Warranty policy without prior notice.